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Offshore Banking Services

Offshore Banking Services

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An offshore bank account is an account with a bank located out of the country of residence. More specifically, it refers to bank accounts held within tax heavens or offshore jurisdictions.

Tannet offers a full range of offshore banking services, bank accounts with internet banking, credit or debit card facilities which guarantee convenient access to your funds at anytime and anywhere you are in the world. Offshore banking can be offered as part of an offshore incorporation package, or as a standalone service if you already have an offshore company registered.
Our offshore bank account opening services include:
HK Offshore Account
PBOC Offshore Account
SPDB Offshore Account
ABC Offshore Account
SZSE Offshore Account
HSBC Offshore Account
BEA Offshore Account
Citibank Offshore Account
Hang Seng Offshore Account
Chartered Offshore Account
Other Offshore Account

Advantages of using offshore banks include:
1. Interest paid without tax being deducted. This is an advantage to individuals and (offshore) companies that do not pay tax on their worldwide income.
2. Flexibility: multi-currency accounts, lower fees to receive international payments.
3. Accessibility: offshore accounts can be accessed from whichever location in the world, and transfers can be conducted, without restrictions on time zone, currency etc., through internet banking or ATM machines.
4. Privacy: increased level of privacy and confidentiality is ensured to account holder and transactions made from/to the account.
Clients looking to open an offshore bank account fall mostly into one of the following categories:
-High net worth individuals
-Business owners

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