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Company Formation in Australia

Australian Company Formation Services

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Company formation in Australia is also called Australia company setup, Australia business setup ,Australia company registration , Australia corporate formation , Australia company incorporation, Australia business establishment and Australia business registration.

A properly structured Australia private limited company is an excellent corporate vehicle through which business in Australia, and internationally, can be conducted. The following information will help you determine whether Australia Company formation is the optimum structure to meet your business objectives.

Type of Company for International Trade, Investment & Tax Planning
Proprietary Company (Limited by Shares) 
Proprietary Company (Unlimited with Share Capital)
Public Company (Limited by Shares)
Public Company (Limited by Guarantee)
Public Company (Unlimited with Share Capital)
Public Company (No Liability Company)

Advantages of Australia Company Formation 
1. An Australian Company projects an excellent image to your customers and suppliers.
2. There are no minimum capital requirements with Australia Company formation.
3. Only one resident director and shareholder is required to meet Australia Company formation regulations.
4. Australia Company formation permits 100% foreign ownership.
6. It is easy to open corporate bank accounts all over the world to support Australia Company formation.
7. According to a World Bank survey, Australia is one of the easiest places in the world to do business.
8. The government provides various incentives to investors to support Australia Company formation.

Australia Corporate Structuring
Important factors to consider when determining whether an Australia Company is the optimum corporate vehicle include for your business;

An Australia Company will be subject to an annual audit; and
In accordance with Section 145 (1) of the Australian Companies Act 2001, every Australian Company shall have at least one director who is ordinarily resident in Australia. Most of our Clients request Atrium to be the resident director.

In accordance with GST Law, an Australian Company is obliged to register for GST. Atrium will be happy to assist you with GST registration.

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