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Due Diligence Investigation (Due Diligence Investigation), also known as prudent investigation, generally refers to the investor and the target enterprise reached a preliminary cooperation intention, by consensus, the investor do on-site


Investigation and material analysis and a series of activities to the target enterprise investment-related matters.  Which is mainly done in the acquisition (investment) and other capital operation activities, but when the enterprise listed , it will also need to do due diligence in advance to get a preliminary understanding of whether have conditions for listing.




The fundamental purpose of conducting due diligence before investing is to avoid significant trading risks due to asymmetric information. Due diligence is a "safety net" between the investor and the target enterprise. Once risks and legal issues are identified through due diligence, buyers and sellers can negotiate risks and obligations should be borne by whom, and investors can also decide on which conditions investors can proceed with the investment.


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