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Korea Corporate Formation

Korea Corporate Formation Service  
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Korea corporate formation  is also called Korea company setup, Korea business setup , Korea company registration , Korea company incorporation, Korea business establishment and Korea business registration.

Name incorporation of Korea corporate formation 
Name must use Korean Character

Documents required for Korea corporate formation
Once you’ve finally determined to incorporate in Korea, you’ll need to be ready to mobilize the following:
1. Minimum investment capital of at least W50 million
2. At least one natural person to serve as statutory director of the Company
3. At least one director of the Company to accept appointment as Representative Director (in a sole-director company, this will be the same person as the appointed director)
4. At least one natural person to serve as statutory auditor of the Company
5. Physical location of the Company’s registered address (Tannet GROUP can offer for you)

Processing steps of Korea corporate formation
Fill in the application form and certificate of lawful → sign the agreement in personally →pay for half of money →Hand in the document to us→ transact to the government → finish within 20-25 working days→connect company registration documents

Our Service of Korea corporate formation
1.Certificate of incorporation;
2.Common seal and atomic seal;
3.Share book.
4.rule of company
5.mainfold of all the application documents

Time for Korea corporate formation
The documents are prepared ,we just need 20-25 working days for company registration

Bank account opening for Korea corporate formation
The Korea company ,must open a native acount .and the director must consact in personally ,and bring all the documents that needed .the Korea company also can open an offshore accont .

Fee and payment terms for Korea corporate formation
For the foundation and other financial organization, the fee depends on the detailed information. Before registration pay 50% of the total fee as deposit and pay the spare money when finished. You can choose cash, T/T, check and transfer the account to our appointed mainland, HK and oversea bank account.

Contact us
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