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Tourism Sector in Samoa
Aggie Greys Lagoon Resort The combination of the economic restructuring which has been undertaken, and the strong strategic marketing impetus which has been created for the tourism sector, means that investment in areas such as accommodation, transport, entertainment and cultural and natural attractions are now an attractive option for domestic and foreign investors.

Listed below are some of the potential projects which have been identified by studies conducted within the sector:
International island resort
Boutique resort
Aquatic resort
Refurbishment of beach fales
Marina complex

Fisheries Sector in Samoa
Fresh Local Catch Fishing has long been recognized as a major contributor to the Samoan subsistence economy. Commercial fishing has demonstrated the substantial economic returns that can be achieved nationally through a well-coordinated industry. The growth in commercial fisheries is expected to have important implications for export earnings.

Investment is welcomed in any of the following areas within the fisheries sector:
Growing milkfish as bait for tuna long line fishery
Smoked sea food
Farming prawns for the local and export market
Tuna lining for export
Farming Philippine green mussels

Food Processing Industry in Samoa
Nonu Juice Production The food processing industry in Samoa is an important sector of the economy and accounts for a relatively high proportion of the country's exports. There are a number of opportunities for profitable ventures with effective linkages to the supply of agricultural or fisheries input.

The investment opportunities that have been identified within the food processing industry are as follows:
Downstream processing of coconut oil
Tuna processing for export
Abattoir (beef cattle)
Production of banana and taro chips
Rehabilitation of animal feed mill

Engineering Sector in Samoa
Engineering Project Key elements of the sector currently include:
Metal fabrication: Involving the transformation of imported metals into a range of products for the construction industry
Plastics: Producing plastics bags for domestic consumption and a limited range of other plastic products
Boat Building: A new factory which caters for the substantial growth in the number of local companies producing the traditional Alia fishing vessel
Automotive products: Automotive repair operations, some exhaust systems and reconditioned
clutches are also produced
Paper Products: Essentially involving the conversion of imported paper rolls into table 
napkins and toilet paper
Engineering Services: Several companies are involved in the provision of general services to the engineering sector, such as maintenance and servicing of engines, and repairs and servicing of electrical equipment.

Investment in the following areas, for supply to the local market, is considered to have good potential:
Manufacture of motor vehicle exhaust systems
Paper recycling
Reconditioning of electric motors
Manufacture of aluminum fishing boats
Sunglasses manufacturing

Timber & Furniture Sector in Samoa
Beautiful Samoan Timber A world-class kiln drying operation has now been established in Samoa and this, along with the growing economy, provides a number of opportunities for profitable ventures by foreign investors.
Samoa has a variety of timber in its natural forests, and also has an extensive replanting program, a total of approximately 10,000 hectares of land is now available for replanting, with the majority of replanting being Mahogany.

Investment is encouraged in any of the following areas within the timber and furniture sector:

Wooden furniture production
Production of coconut timber (coco wood)
Production of various timber products
Production of mouldings and builders' joinery
Production of sawn timber

Coconut Industry in Samoa
The coconut sector is Samoa's largest renewable resource and the Government recognizes the importance of careful consideration being given to how the resource can be used to ensure that returns are optimized.

Industrial coconut products, such as copra and coconut oil, are generally traded in international commodity markets that are well established. Through diversification of the product range, the development of industries based on coir, refined coconut oil and coconut shell products would have a significant impact on the national economy.

Within the coconut sector, some of the potential investment projects that have been identified are:
Integrated industrial coconut processing plant
Coconut oil mill
Cold pressed virgin oil
Copra production
Coconut cream

Agricultural Industry in Samoa
Taro Crop The agricultural sector in Samoa is dynamic and resilient, able to adapt and change its production focus in a relatively short time in response to commercial stimulus. There is enormous potential for further investment in the agriculture sector. The natural food and organic market has been growing at a rapid rate and has a seemingly insatiable demand for both fresh and processed items.
Other opportunities include the production of livestock, which offers great potential for import substitution, given the volume of meat products currently being imported on an annual basis.

Listed below are some of the identified investment opportunities within the agricultural sector:
Edible ginger

Garments & Textile Industry in Samoa
Local Prints Opportunities exist for investors to invest in the garment sector in Samoa. The garment industry is slowly emerging from its infancy stage and, in 2002, exports reached just over SAT$5 million, second only to fresh fish.

Investors are welcome to pursue businesses in any part of the garment and textile industry. The four manufacturing project opportunities listed below may be of particular interest:
Men's cotton trousers
Men's suits (suit/trousers/jacket)
Denim jeans
Men's business shirts

Service Sector in Samoa
Significant opportunities exist for the development of new projects in the services sector that will be of economic benefit by providing additional employment opportunities to the local community. Samoa has a good education system and is known for its skilled and trainable workforce, and Samoa offers many opportunities for individual entrepreneurs as well as business partnerships between overseas and local investors.

Specific opportunities identified in the services sector include:
Computer data entry facility
Offshore banking/company registration
Leasing or rental finance facility
Quick printing service
Veterinary clinic

Other Investment Opportunities in Samoa
Studies have been conducted within Samoa with the objective of identifying investment opportunities with good potential for success from the various sectors of the economy.

Outlined below are the ten investment opportunities that have been identified and are available to all investors:
Production and export of upholstered furniture
Production and export of coco peat (a soil substitute made from coconut husks)
Supply, servicing and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
Slipway for boat maintenance and repair
Document storage and retrieval facility
Hydroponic production of vegetables
Production and export of direct micro expelled coconut oil
Road maintenance venture (in conjunction with the PWD employees)

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