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Seychelles’location outside the cyclone belt, in a time zone whose working hours overlap with those of major financial centers, its excellent sea and air connections with Europe, USA, Asia and Africa make it an excellent place to conduct business.

An efficient telecommunications system together with other advantages such as the extensive facilities available at its harbor, port Victoria, and a well-developed infrastructure with attractive investment incentives, offer the ideal business environment to investors.

In order to fully capitalize on the above, the Seychelles investment bureau (sib) was established in July 2004, as the first point of contact for all matters relating to investment and business in Seychelles.

Capitalizing on the work of its predecessor, sib, and sib’s objectives are to promote Seychelles as the ultimate environment for business, foster an investor-friendly culture and assist investors to establish and expand their respective enterprises.

Its main activities include: 
1) Enhancing the awareness of Seychelles as the location for investments both at home and abroad and to promote investment opportunities in all sectors of the economy
2) Providing facilitation services to investors and acting as the focal point of contact amongst local and foreign entrepreneurs and all government/private organizations
3) Expediting the processing of investment proposals in an efficient manner for the consideration of government
4) Conducting research and make recommendations on investment related matters.
Why invest in Seychelles?
Seychelles offers the following advantages and opportunities to investors:
Environment and location
• Stable political environment
• High environmental standards
• ideal location in the Indian ocean, midway between the largest trading and manufacturing blocks of Asia and Europe, and a business stepping stone into Africa. Favorable time zone (gmt +4)
• Nice weather all year through
• Strategic location outside the cyclone belt
Land and natural resources
• Attractive land leasing costs
• Clean and unpolluted natural water supply
Skilled human resource
• English / French speaking dynamic local work force
• High adult literacy rates – 96% possibilities for recruitment of foreign workers also exist for certain sectors
Large growing market
• 83,000 local consumers with growing disposable income
• A rapidly growing middle class
• 140,000+ visitors annually and growing
Well establish infrastructure and legal system
• Regular sea and air links to Europe, Asia and Africa
• Comprehensive road networks – 514 km (498 km surfaced)
• Excellent telecommunications network and it services
• Basic infrastructures provided (electricity and water connections)
• Well established port facilities with two deepwater berths
• Legal system based on English commercial law and a civil code based on Napoleonic code
• Concessions guaranteed by law
• No visa requirements (residence permits + work permits easily available for foreign investors)
• An investment code which provides a legal climate that is conducive to a greater flow of investment and business.
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