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Trademark registration is an important way to protect a company's intellectual property rights. Trademark (® or ™) is the badge of origin in conjunction to distinguish from other products and brands. ® denotes that the trade mark is registered and protected under Trademark Law whereas; ™ denotes that it indicates the trademark is used by the company. A mark consists of words, logos, pictures, alphabets, numbers or a combination of these. Trademark serves as a tool to enable consumers to recognize the products by the specific trader. 

Any person may apply for trademark registration. Before registration, there is a need to do a research on the trademarks list to see whether there is a similar or duplicate existing mark to avoid plagiarism.

The Top Five Reasons to register your own trademark   
Exclusive Use-Your trademark gives you the exclusive right to use it within the relevant region you have registered. 

Protection for your Own Brand- Anyone else who uses your registered mark will be presumed to be a willful infringer, and you could be entitled to monetary damages as a result of the infringement. 

Valuable Asset-Trademarks are a valuable asset for companies of any size which can build up your company.

Distinguish your Products and Services-Trademarks help you distinguish your products and services from those of competitors and help identify you as the source.

Prevent Marketplace Confusion-Trademarks provide consumer convenience by allowing consumers to identify (by word, logo, slogan, package design, or other indicators of origin) which product or service they would like to purchase.  

For trademark, the protection period is normally up to a maximum of 10 years and it can be renew every 10 years. While the required documents include:
i)Form TM5 with statutory declaration with 5 copies.
ii)Form 49, Form B and D from SSM

There is 1-2 years duration where opposition can be made by any person from the date of application to determine whether the applied trademarks fulfill all the criteria under the Trademark Law. Once, if there is no objection filed, the trademark application will be done within a month or two.

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