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Malaysia Corporate Formation

Malaysia Corporate Formation Service  
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Malaysia Corporate Formation is one of Tannet's offshore business registration services. Malaysia is located in South East Asia In recent years, economic and trade cooperation between China and Malaysia maintains a trend of rapid growth with an annual growth rate of more than 20%. Malaysia is currently China's eighth largest trading partner. Malaysia is an important member of ASEAN and has become a springboard for investors to invest in ASEAN. 

Name Incorporation of Malaysia Local Companies
In Malaysia, company name can be in English or Malay language. The company name should be ended with SDN BHD.

Registered Paid-up Capital of Malaysia Company Registration
The registered capital for a Malaysia company could be as low as RM100.000, while the paid-up capital could be put in place in phases according to the actual operating conditions

Director and Shareholder of Malaysia Business Setup
At least two shareholders are needed for a Malaysia limited company. There is no nationality requirement of shareholders. Shareholders also can be directors. The government prescribes that there must be two Malaysia citizens as the directors who don’t need to hold stock in foreign investing company. But if the foreigners act as the director, they must acquire the local work visa or have transacted the Malaysia second homeland. (Tannet can offer the services for you if needed) 

Classes of Malaysia Company
Offshore company: such as Labuan company (in the East Malaysia). For more information, please refer to the guide of Labuan Company.
Local company: the company should be run locally.

Time required to set up a company in Malaysia
Malaysia company will be finished in 20-40 working days after all the documents have been prepared well.

Tannet Services of Malaysia Corporate Formation
One certificate of incorporation, one chop, Memorandum and articles of association of the company, Share book, a set of legal documents

Follow-up Services of Malaysia Corporate Formation
Bank Account Opening 
Annual Return
Accounting, Auditing, Tax Return 
Malaysia Visa

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