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Set up a company in China is also called China company setup, China company registration, China business setup, China corporate formation, China company incorporation, China business establishment and China business registration.

Setting up a China company becomes the foreign investor's important choice, which is also the right business development mode. Along with the rapid development of China's economy, China has become one of the largest economy country in the world, its proportion of manufacturing and export and import in the global scope is more and more higher, many international investors take chance to find the right business opportunities in China.

Set up a company in China-- the legal issues
As a foreign investor, it’s easy to encounter many legal issues on your China company formation. Esp. China company law, It is much different to the laws in western countries, Arab countries etc. All the foreign companies will take the format of APPROVAL first and then Registration in China. So the most important thing is to find an agent with good China law background and be very familiar with related laws and regulations on China company formation.

Set up a company in China-- the best investment method
Two main investment methods are considered by more and more foreign investors, one is to set up a China company directly, the other is to acquire an existing company in China. The first one is applicable to the investors who are not very familiar with China laws and China market, or the industry could be developed again. The later one is suitable to the investors who have knowledge of China laws and markets even live or work in China for a period. They could own the existing company through merger and acquisition, and further develop the business quickly by using the existing channel model and its resources.

Set up a company in China--choose the best company type
In accordance with China laws and regulations, the professional agent could help investors choose the best company type through evaluating its background, industry situation, business scope. Beside this, the agent company could help investor generalize better and wider business scope which is helpful for your future business. 

Set up a company in China--choose the office or premises
The requirement on office or premises is different upon company types. E.g. Food and Beverage Company, the requirement for the shop’s location, area, design and decoration, neighboring environment are higher than other company types. The professional agent could provide valued proposal after /before investors signed the rental contract, which could avoid any unnecessary loss to investors.

Set up a company in China--Apply for Residence permit for foreign employees
All the foreigner who want to work in China legally, must get employment permit and residence permit/work visa firstly in accordance with China laws, otherwise it cause penalty or seriously be facing expelled or in prison.

Set up a company in China--Accounting service
How to get reasonable tax mitigation during the legal operation has become the first question for foreign investors. Tannet could put forward the constructive opinions base on different company situation through our professional accounting and tax services.

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