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China company establishment is also called China company setup, China corporate formation, China company registration, China business setup, China business setup, China company incorporation, China business establishment and China business registration.

China company establishment-Foreign invested enterprises (FIEs)
foreign investors wishing to establish a presence to do business within the People's Republic of China (PRC) must establish one of the several different statutory forms of FIE. These are regulated under stricter laws than domestic companies, and are also subject to the same generally-applicable laws and regulations. In general, only companies with 25% foreign equity or more can be considered as FIEs.

The choice of FIE form depends on the category of the intended activity in the Guidance Catalogue, as well as on the particular operational needs or objectives of the foreign investor. Under China's strict spectral approach to regulating business activities, FIEs will receive a business license permitting operations only within a relatively narrow scope of business, rather than for any lawful purpose. Forms of FIE include: Wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE), Equity joint venture (EJV),Cooperative joint venture (CJV),Foreign invested company limited by shares (FICLS), Holding company and regional headquarters, Foreign invested partnership enterprise (FIPE)

China company establishment-Representative offices and branches
Where more limited activities are contemplated or limited liability is not required or permitted, foreign investors may establish a representative office or branch in China: Representative office (RO), foreign company branch, Domestic company branch. 

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