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China RO Formation

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China RO formation is also called China RO setup, China RO registration, China RO incorporation and China RO establishment.

A representative office is an office established by a company to perform marketing, quality control and other non-transactional operations in China which is generally easier to establish than a branch or subsidiary, as they are not used for actual "business" (e.g. sales) and therefore there is less incentive for them to be regulated.

China RO formation-function of representative office in China

China RO formation-advantages of choosing representative office
1. No share capital is required;
2. Setup in less procedure;
3. Can exchange foreign currency into RMB;
4. Can hire local staff via government admitted agents;
5. Simple company and financial structure.

China RO formation-Requirements for a RO
There are no capital contribution requirements for a RO. Establishing a RO is therefore largely a matter of complying with the prescribed application procedures.

China RO formation-Office Space/Company Registration Address
A RO must either be situated in an office whereby the landlord has a right to rent his office space to RO's or in a Grade "A" office building. A list of rental certificates and contracts are required and must be submitted to the government authorities for approval. If the landlord cannot provide such rental certificates, it is recommended to discuss with the government authorities whether the RO can be located there. It is highly suggested that no leasing contract be signed until it is certain that the RO can be registered in that location.

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