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Doing business in China means that business people will come into increasingly frequent contact with Chinese business people and officials. How to Do Business In China? It is a well-asked question. Maybe many investors want to know the answer to this question about doing business in China. Now Tannet will try our best to help you and here offer a guide.

Doing Business in China – Find a Chinese Partner
The first and most important thing anyone hoping to set up a business in China should do is find a trustworthy local partner. A local partner will most often be an established Chinese-owned company, or a business person with good contacts in the country who can navigate the complicated regulations and legal processes and, most importantly, deal with China's government directly. It’s easy to get trampled if you come to China to do business without having a Chinese partner.

Maybe people would ask another question now? How to choose a good Chinese partner? A good partner is an incorporated company that is about the same size as your firm, at least partly Chinese-owned, and well-connected in the Chinese market. And you should be sure that as a partner, he has the capability and the network necessary to get things done smoothly in China. Only in this way can a Chinese partner really help your business more significant and influential.

Doing Business in China – Understand Chinese Business Culture
China is a world away from America or Europe, and more than a world away when it comes to doing business there. The business contracts, deals and other arrangements are all what foreign investors should really pay attention to. As there is an old saying going: "Do in Rome as Rome does", when you are doing business in China, you should follow Chinese rules.

It’s quite important to be aware that the government will generally have a hand in many business affairs that happens in China. And in China most business gets done over drinks in social settings, as opposed to in America, where it often goes done in the boardroom or on the golf course. And decisions are more often made informally during conversations rather than on paper, a fact that helps keep the country’s “old boys network” alive.

Doing Business in China – Building Relationships
Relationships in China are very formal. Remember, when doing business you are representing your company so always keep dealings at a professional level. Never become too informal and avoid humor. This is not because the Chinese are humorless but rather jokes may be lost in translation and hence be redundant.

When doing business in China establishing a contact to act as an intermediary is important. This brings with it multiple benefits. They can act as a reference, be your interpreter and navigate you through the bureaucracy, legal system and local business networks.

Doing Business in China –Realize Unique Opportunities
The Chinese government is emphasizing innovation as one of the keys to its future economic success, and as such, it's providing a number of unique incentives that can make doing business there very profitable.

One such opportunity comes from the abundance of state-funded tech parks and incubators. These massive projects have been set up in hopes of bringing innovative companies together in self-sustaining communities, and the government is doing everything it can to attract foreign investors and firms to these sites.

Another major benefit of doing business in China is Chinese government-backed venture capital, which has some major benefits over typical American-style venture capital.

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