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Function Expansion of Shanghai FTZ

Shanghai Free Trade Zone Service
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Shanghai Free-trade Zone (FTZ)

Shanghai FTZ is actively fostering new types of business and functions, expand shipping service capacities and attract multinational companies’ Asia-Pacific headquarters to get clustered and pick up speed to move up China’s status in the global trade value chain. 

Expand Functions of Headquarter Economy in Shanghai FTZ

Encourage multinationals to set up their Asia-Pacific regional headquarters;

Develop operation center that integrates such functions as trade, logistics and settlement and the like;

Asian-Pacific Regional operation programme;

Deepen the pilot program in international trade settlement and expand such functions as cross-border payment for trade in services, payment in foreign exchange for non-trade purposes and financing under the special accounts;

Deepen the pilot management of centralized operations of the foreign exchange funds for multinational companies’ headquarters and promote multinational companies to set up their regional or global fund management centers.

Expand Trade Service Functions in Shanghai FTZ

Subsidiaries of financial leasing projects;

Commodity trading;

Bonded delivery of futures;

Construction of international cultural trade base;

R&D and service outsourcing;

Hybrid global maintenance and testing base;

the Cross-border e-commerce platform;

Bonded exhibition and trading platform. 

Expand financial service functions in Shanghai FTZ

Support the setup of mother funds for equity investment in foreign countries;

Private capital and foreign-funded financial institutions practice;

Build financial transaction platform , adapting to international practice;

Overseas enterprises are permitted to engage in commodity futures trading;

Reform the management modes of external debts;

Support RMB cross-border reinsurance business;

Back the establishment of overall financial service platform.

Expand shipping service functions in Shanghai FTZ

Develop shipping finance;

International transit and LCL;

International shipping;

Transaction of freight index derivatives;   

International ship management;

Explore the establishment of international ship registration system;

International shipping brokerage and other industries; 

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