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China Accounting, Payroll & HR Services

China Accounting, Payroll & HR Services
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China Accounting, Payroll & HR Services include all the services about business accounting, payroll and human resource of companies.

New companies expanding their operations into China often find that its unique and complex regulations daunting. Businesses often lack the local experience and foresight to circumvent common road blocks. Many businesses benefit tremendously from outsourcing their accounting, payroll and HR administration work to us. And our services cover major cities including Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Shengyang, Chengdu, Yiwu and Jiangxi.  

Our effectively bilingual team of specialists, with their intimate local knowledge and application of industry best practices, delivers quality work and high service standards, allowing you to focus on growing sales while we take care of the routine work behind the scenes.

Our services include:
1. Accounting services
2. Payroll & benefits administration services

This is the most commonly outsourced HR function and involves monthly payroll processing as well as the calculation of monthly employer and employees' social benefits contributions to the relevant Chinese authorities. We assist businesses in China in the following areas:
Social security accounts initial setup;
Payroll calculation and distribution in RMB;
Social benefits filing and payment on monthly basis;
E-payslip self-service;
Personnel file maintenance / update;
Hiring / termination registration;
Salary statistics reporting;
Yearly base adjustment for social insurance;
Yearly base adjustment for housing fun;

HR administration & consulting services
China's employment environment is complex due to the need to integrate national laws and local policies. We help businesses develop internal HR policies, induction kits, handbooks, etc, as well as assist them in the following areas:
Work Permit (WP) and Residence Permit (RP) application services for expatriates;
F Visa application;
Labour Contract / Secondment Agreement / Service Agreement in English and Chinese;
Employee handbook in English and Chinese;
Confidentiality / competition restriction agreement in English and Chinese;
Standard HR letter templates in English and Chinese (e.g. promotion, termination);
Labour contract preparation for conclusion/renewal;
Performance assessment form creation;
Non-domestic residency registration;
Commercial insurance consultation;
Corporate credit card application;
Employee personal information maintenance / update in e-HR system;
Employee database / GL / HR cost report;

Special Works Advisory Team (S.W.A.T) services
Our Special Works Advisory Team (S.W.A.T) provides the following services:
Payroll training;
Flexible working hours application / renewal;
HR health check;
Salary & benefits analysis report;
Staff termination consultation / settlement

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