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Guangzhou Corporate Formation

Guangzhou Corporate Formation Service
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Guangzhou corporate formation is also called Guangzhou company setup, Guangzhou company registration, Guangzhou business setup, Guangzhou company incorporation, Guangzhou business establishment and Guangzhou business registration.

Guangzhou Company is a limited liability company set up in Guangzhou. Shareholders are domestic companies or individuals of Chinese nationality aged 18 years old and above, shall be responsible for the company to the extent of the capital contributions they have paid.

Guangzhou corporate formation-Types of companies in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Company is broadly classified into: Guangzhou Domestic Company, Guangzhou foreign funded enterprise, Chinese-foreign Joint Venture (JV), Chinese-foreign Cooperative Joint Venture, Guangzhou Partnership Company, and Individual Proprietorship Enterprise etc.

Guangzhou corporate formation-Registered & Paid-Up Capital for formation
The minimum amount of registered capital of a limited liability company shall be RMB30, 000.

If any law or administrative regulation specifies a higher minimum amount of registered capital for a limited liability company, the provisions of that law or administrative regulation shall prevail.

Guangzhou Individual Proprietorship Enterprise: Minimum registered capital is 100,000RMB, should be paid up in one time.

Two-Person Company: Minimum registered capital is 30,000RMB, capital contribution shall not be less than 20% of the registered capital for the first time; also may not fall below the minimum standard of statutory registered capital, with the balance being remitted within 2 years.

Investment Company: Minimum registered capital is over 10,000,000RMB (including 10,000,000RMB), capital contribution shall not be less than 20% of the registered capital for the first time; also may not fall below the minimum standard of statutory registered capital, with the balance being remitted within 5 years.
Company Limited by Shares: Minimum registered capital is 5, 000,000rmb.

Guangzhou corporate formation-Company name incorporation
The name of Guangzhou Company should be in the form of Administrative division (Guangzhou) + Trade Name + Sector Expression +Limited. Each enterprise shall use only one name and not be the same with or similar to the registered name in the same industry. If the word “China” is within the company name, it is required to be pre-approved by ICAB at national level in Beijing.

Guangzhou corporate formation-Business Scope of Guangzhou companies
Business scope is one of the most important issues in FIE registration application, divided into the licensed business item and the general business item. Licensed business item means a pre-approval is needed before business license application. General business item means ordinary item which can be registered in Bureau of Industry and Commerce directly. Guangzhou Foreign Invested Enterprise can only conduct business within its approved business scope, which ultimately appears on the business license. There is some connection between business scope and register capital. Generally speaking, larger register capital, more business items can be approved.

Guangzhou corporate formation-Documents required for company formation
Company Name of Guangzhou Company
Determine shareholder, business scope
Determine register capital, shares allocation proportion
Office address in China, 2x original leasing contracts, 2x copies of house property certificate with company stamp or signature of lesser and 2x landlord identification documents (The lessee should be acted by legal representative or investor. The area is required no less than 30 ㎡ and for commercial use only with more than one year’s rent and the lease contract should be endorsed by local Housing Management Authority)
ID Copy of Shareholder, Director, Legal Representative, Supervisor.

Guangzhou corporate formation-Follow-up service for formation
ATAHK (GZ) provides a series of business follow-up services such as; prepare monthly financial statements for tax filing purpose, monthly bookkeeping and tax return, and file Corporate Income Tax Return quarterly, internal auditing, financial planning and tax layout, Audit of Financial Statements and China policy & market study, etc.

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