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Quanzhou Corporate Formation

Quanzhou Corporate Formation Service
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Quanzhou corporate formation is also called Quanzhou company setup, Quanzhou company registration, Quanzhou business setup, Quanzhou company incorporation and Quanzhou company establishment.

Quanzhou is a major exporter of agricultural products such as tea, banana, lychee and rice. It is also a major producer of quarry granite and ceramics. Other industries include textiles, footwear, fashion and apparel, packaging, machinery, paper and petrochemicals.Quanzhou is the biggest automotive market in Fujian; it has the highest rate of private automobile possession.

Quanzhou corporate formation-corporation services 
1. Obtaining a detailed credit report on a Chinese company
2. Introducing possible joint-venture partners
3. Market research and feasibility study
4. Attending to corporate and personal tax registration
5. Assistance in finding office space
6. Staff Recruitment
7. Opening of bank accounts in local and foreign currencies
8. Book keeping and arranging for audit of accounts

Quanzhou corporate formation-Acquire pre-approval for your company name
The local Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC) requires you to fill out an application for your company name pre-approval. Applications can be picked up in person or downloaded from the AIC website. If an application is made in person, the name will be approved or reject on the spot. But if the application is mailed or faxed in, it will take up to 15 days to receive your rejection or approval.

Quanzhou corporate formation-Open a preliminary bank account
According to Chinese law, a new business must open a preliminary bank account and deposit an initial capital contribution in the amount of 20 percent of the proposed registered capital of the company. Once the contribution is deposited, it must be verified by a legally- established verification institute. The institute will issue a verification report verifying your initial contribution.

Quanzhou corporate formation-Acquire a registration certificate 
Acquire a registration certificate with the state AIC or its local equivalent. The registration certificate (also called a business license) is obtained by submitting a completed application along with the company name approval, office lease or proof of office, articles of association, initial contribution verification report and any other documents requested by the agency. A decision on approval will be rendered within 15 days after the application is submitted. Upon approval, you can have a company seal made after seeking permission from the police.

Quanzhou corporate formation-Obtain an organization code certificate
The Technology Supervision Bureau (TSB) will issue this certificate to your company. You must apply for the certificate within 30 days of receiving your business license.

Quanzhou corporate formation-Register with the Tax and local Statistics bureaus
Within thirty days of receiving your business license, your company must file a statistics registration with the local Statistics Bureau. The business license and organization code certificate are required for this filing. You must also register with the state and local tax bureaus. This must be done within 30 days of receiving the application for registration. Copies of all business documents will need to be submitted to the tax bureaus.

Quanzhou corporate formation-pen a formal bank account for your business
The procedures involved with the establishment of a bank account and transferring funds into the account vary depending on the banking institution. The local and state tax offices must grant authorization to your company to purchase or print financial invoices and receipts. Once approved, purchase uniform invoices for your company.

Quanzhou corporate formation-File for recruitment registration
Within thirty days of employing workers, your company must register with the local Career Service Center. Application forms are available on line. You will also have to register with the Social Welfare Insurance Center (SWIC) within the first 30 days for the payment of employee Social Insurance. You will need your company seal, business license and your organization code certificate to register with the SWIC. You are now ready to conduct business in China.

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