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Madrid Trademark Registration Advantage:
By the international bureau of world intellectual property organization member states to apply for registration to the Madrid agreement and protocol, procedures simple convenient and save money. Applicants can a trademark, submit an application to pay fees according to the number of countries, within the scope of the Madrid agreement and protocol members designated trademark protection.

1. Save money: applicants pay in Swiss francs to calculate the fees, or according to the "protocol" to pay charges and fees alone, without one by one to each assigned to protect national fee respectively. Look from the amount, the international registration fee is much lower than to the cost of each country to apply for registration.

2. To save time: the applicant from submitted to the trademark office of the date of application for international registration of trademarks, if the formalities are complete and shall pay fees according to regulations, generally can be three or four months to obtain the trademark registration certificate. According to the provisions of the "agreement" and "protocol", should apply for registration of the international bureau of the international registration of trademarks (agreement) or twelve months from the date of 18 months (protocol), the applicant specified to protect national competent authorities shall have the right to reject the application for territorial extension, that is to say, the applicant in the 12 months or eighteen months or so, can know their international registered trademark in the relevant country are protected.

3. Save trouble: the applicant can be used in Chinese with an application to specify one or more countries, in one or more of the goods and/or service categories on the application for international registration of trademarks.

Madrid Trademark Registration Conditions:
1. the applicant must have a certain subject qualification.
1.1. The applicant should be in when state-owned real and effective industrial and commercial business address;
1.2. If not, should be in when the border residence;
1.3. If there is no residence, the applicant should have when the nationality.
If the union member nation, Madrid when state-owned its joint ventures or wholly owned enterprise, can apply for international registration of the application through the trademark bureau.In addition, the legal person of Taiwan or nature may apply for international registration of the application through the trademark bureau.
2. apply for international registration of trademarks must have been when countries start the application for trademark registration procedures.
2.1. designated for protection by the applicant countries is "Madrid agreement" member, application for international registration of trademarks must be registered in China;
2.2. The applicant specifies the protection state is pure "the Madrid protocol" member, application for international registration of the mark may be have put forward the application for registration of the trademark in China, and also can be registered or the registration of the trademark is put forward.
3. for the international registration shall conform to the national basic registration or application content.
3.1. In the name of the international registration of the applicant should be exactly the same as that of domestic applicant or in the name of the registrant;
3.2. The trademark should be registered with domestic trademark identical;
3.3. The goods and services should be quoted the same as the registered domestic goods and services or no more than the domestic application or registered scope of goods and services. If domestic application or registration in different categories of goods or service is the same trademark, when applying for the international registration, may submit an application for international registration of a, will be quoted for different categories of domestic goods or services in class order fill in the application for international registration.

Madrid Trademark Registration Process and Time:
1. the local registration
To through the Madrid international registration of trademarks, the applicant of trademark must be already in their original territories (domestic) registered trademark or trademark has gained acceptance letter.
2. submit an application
The filing date of the international registration of trademarks, the trademark office shall be the date the application form is received. Application procedures are complete and fill in the application form in accordance with the relevant provisions, a postal application number, the trademark office within 30 days will be application form (in English or French) the international bureau;
3. the international bureau
The world intellectual property organization (WIPO), international bureau has received the application for international registration of the think formalities complete, name of goods and services category and fill in the correct and shall be registered; Don't think the formalities complete, will suspend registration, and notify the trademark office. The trademark office within 15 days from the date of receipt of the international bureau notice notify the applicant or agent complete procedures; After examination, conforms to the requirements of the international bureau, and have been or are about to submit the application to the specified countries after review will be issued by the international registration of trademarks that time about six months.
The international trademark registration certificate, trademark was not approved registration certificate; Its significance lies in the international registration number and is followed by the applicant for trademark registration day of later specify, alteration, transfer, renewal of the basis of a series of activities.
4. specify the review
Trademark can be allowed to register in the designated countries, will be subject to review of the designated countries.
5. agreements and protocols
When the application for international registration of trademarks protection specified countries, according to their respective national law to decide whether or not protected, and to the international bureau a statement the rejected. Agreement, declaration to dismiss the time limit for a year at most, that is to say, if the specified protection within the time limit of one year has not been rejected, then the application automatically protected (according to the provisions of the protocol, member states can according to need, will have the right to dismiss the time limit extended to 18 months).Starting from the international registration, if not received the agreements for 12 months or 18 months not received from the protocol countries refused to give notice of rejection of trademark protection, indicates that the trademark has been in the agreements or agreed the automatic protection.
With the advantages of its application, the Madrid system can make the trademark owner directly to their own national or regional trademark office submit one application for international registration in Madrid union countries could reduce its trademark protection. So registered international trademark is equivalent to the applicant in each specific countries or organizations directly for trademark registration or registration

Madrid Trademark Registration Require Document:
1. when the acceptance notice or registration certificate copy;
2. the samples of the trademarks;
3. trademark agent a power of attorney;
4. application for international registration.

Madrid Trademark Registration Service Fees:
Madrid trademark a total of 92 members, each member fee is not the same, please indicate which specified in several countries, we will give you formulate relevant standards.

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