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Nanchang Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) - Required Documents
-- Bank creditbility statement of the foreign investor;
-- roject proposal ;(purpose, business scope, period, investment amount, among others)
-- Certificate of registration; Statement on the products and technologies;
-- Duplicate of confirmation letter of the 3 proposed company names;
-- Report on feasibility study;
-- Memorandum & Articles of Association;
-- Name list of the board and senior executives;
-- List of equipment to be provided (if any);
-- Passport or residential card of the legal representative;
-- Lease agreement or purchasing contract of company premises; 
(The contract must not be less than 1 year and need the sealed copy of property right certificate of the owner)
-- Certificate of property of the lessor;
-- Authorisation documents for the board and senior executives;
-- Photos of legal representative;
-- Other documents that the authorities may require as per specific cases.

Nanchang Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) - Setup Steps
1. Project Proposal
The foreign investor has to complete a project proposal and present it to the government authority that will decide whether or not to approve the proposal within approximately one month after receiving the proposal.
2. Company Name 
Submit the proposed company names, 3 optional names are required.
3. Feasibility Study Report
After the project is approved, the foreign investor has to prepare a feasibility study. The authority will help to coordinate on the project if any problems should arise.
4. Articles of Association
While the foreign investor is preparing the report on the feasibility study, he may also draw up the articles of association and submit them to the authority that will reply around one month after receiving the feasibility study report and articles of association.
5. Application for the Approval 
Certificate After the report on the feasibility study and articles of association are approved, the foreign investor has to apply for the Approval Certificate, which will normally be issued within 30 days.
6. Application for the Business License 
The foreign investor has to make an official registration with the government authority within 30 days upon receiving the Approval Certificate and then apply for a Business License.

The authority will normally issue the Business License within 10 working days.

The procedures and related documents may vary depending on specific projects, Chinese regulations and special approval as well.

However, the Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise is officially established on the date when the Business License has been issued.

Nanchang Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) – Tax Duty
--- Foreign and local staff's Individual Income Tax (IIT);
--- Business Tax (BT);
--- Income Tax (IT) etc.
As a WFOE may have different tax incentive from local government, different tax rates applies to different company. However, one should bear in mind that tax in China can be categorized into wither federal tax or local tax (local government). In most cases, tax incentive can only be got from local tax.

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