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Nanchang CJV formation is also called Nanchang CJV setup, Nanchang CJV registration, Nanchang CJV incorporation and Nanchang CJV establishment. A Cooperative Joint Venture (CJV) is a joint venture between a Chinese and a foreign company within the territory of China. More and more enterprises come to register companies in Hong Kong and overseas countries as a testing ground to win overseas market. Then, based on the testing ground company, they invest in the mainland aiming at setting up Sino-foreign joint ventures, enterprises with Sino-foreign cooperation, and wholly foreign-owned enterprises and forming the pattern of having stores in front and factories behind, which can not only enhance the corporate image and win the trust of overseas customers, but also can enjoy the preferential policies of China.

Nanchang CJV Formation-Company Name Incorporation for Nanchang CJV
In China, there are restrictions imposed on company name. In the same trade or business, neither company name nor trade name could be duplicated. Generally, the name consists of the four following parts: administrative division (e.g. Nanchang), trade name (e.g. VINI Group), industrial characteristics (e.g. Business Management) and organization form (e.g. Company Limited). The name is not available until is verified and reserved by the administration for industry and commerce.
There are many factors you need to consider when you name your company:
1. You are required to go to city-level units for endorsement if your company’s name has words like prefecture-level city;
2. If your company’s name has words like provincial level, you are required to be endorsed by provincial level units;
3. Names with the word China are needed to be endorsed by the Ministry of Commerce of China.

Nanchang CJV Formation-Registered and Paid-up Capital for Nanchang CJV
The minimum registered capital needed for Chinese companies is RMB 30,000 Yuan. The requirement of the registered capital is different according to companies of different properties. The registered capital can be prepared within 6 months since the business license is signed. You can also prepare the registered capital by installment in 1-2 years. If you choose payment by installments, you are required to pay 20% of the registered capital in three months, the rest by installments. The specific fixed number of years is decided by how much the registered capital is.
The registered capital must be prepared according to the company ordinance, which is required by Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of Registration of Companies and Law of Foreign Investment Enterprises of China.

Nanchang CJV Formation-Business Scope for Nanchang CJV
This refers to the specific business transaction of the foreign invested companies want to operate in Nanchang. The business scope of Nanchang Company is directly restricted by its company name and registered capital. The more the registered capital is, the broader the business scope is. The business scope of Chinese companies is getting broader and broader since China entered the WTO.
Nanchang CJV Formation-Follow-up Services for Nanchang CJV
1. Issue the capital verification report
2. After the registered capital is in place, renew the business license
3. Bookkeeping and tax reporting: tax reporting to the state tax bureau from the month the tax registration certificate is issued.
4. Audit: Foreign-owned companies conduct an audit each year.
5. Annual returns: foreign-owned enterprises must go to the relevant authorities for inspection and approval procedures form March 1 to June 31 of every year.
6. Apply for general taxpayer
7. Change the business information
8. Work visa
9. Office lease
10. Financial and tax planning (for details on Chinese tax, please see Instructions of Chinese Tax Service)

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