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Shanghai Social Resources--Shanghai Educational Conditions
Shanghai boasts not only an adequate educational system, which consists of various universities, colleges, middle schools, primary schools and adult education schools, for domestic education, but many schools for the children of working staff from overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. A survey in 2002 showed that there were 25 international schools covering kindergartens, primary schools, junior schools and senior schools in Shanghai.

Shanghai Social Resources--Shanghai  Human Resources
Shanghai is divided into 18 districts and 1 county, encompassing 153 towns and 3 townships. Some 13.34 million people are the permanent residents and the city has a total population of 16.74 million (including the floating population). By the end of 2001, Shanghai had employed 7.52 million people. Of the total, 24.5% were hired by the state owned enterprises and institutions, 35.5% were employed by collectively owned units, and 40% found jobs in foreign invested companies, private units and other economic entities.

Shanghai’s RiCong qualification is at the leading position of China, and the productivity of unit human cost is rather high. Shanghai is well known not only as a city possessing abundant talent reserves, but also as one gathering talents from both at home and abroad. Some 50 universities and colleges are located in Shanghai and the students have exceeded 330 thousand. Shanghai has different level of the technical personnel up to 696.8 thousand, and in average there are 525 different kinds of technical personnel per 10000 persons. More than 1000 research and development institutions are located in Shanghai.

Shanghai Social Resources-- Shanghai Talents Attracting
So far Shanghai have taken practical measures, with Talents Flexible Flow and Shanghai Green Card as the most famous ones, to attract demanded talents. Talents Flexible Flow encourages free flow of talents, while Shanghai Green Card provides them with residence permit. In Shanghai there are over 32 thousand talents coming from overseas, accounting for 20% of the total in China and nearly 50 thousand permanent experts from overseas, Hong Kong and Macao, taking up 40% of the aggregate.

Shanghai Social Resources-- Shanghai Public Health
With regard to medical security, there are about 4,600 medical institutes in various types, having more than 70 thousand sickbeds, including over 460 comprehensive hospitals, 26 CDCs, 10 women and children health centers. There are more than 100 thousand professionals in this field, including about 50 thousand doctors in Shanghai. Shanghai also has an extensive health care service network among the communities. So far, among the 18 foreign invested hospitals and over 60 foreign invested clinics approved by the government of China, 25 are located in Shanghai.

Shanghai Social Resources--Shanghai Urban transportation
Shanghai has built 2 subway lines and 1 light railway line. Furthermore, it has the 1st magnetic levitation railway in China. It is scheduled that the total length of rail transportation will increase to 233 kilometers in 2005 from the present 65 kilometers and the lines of rail transportation will grow to 15 with the length totaling 400 kilometers.

Shanghai Social Resources--Shanghai  Foreigners in Shanghai
Shanghai is an ideal city to live in for foreign investors. According to the survey by the famous journal Economists, Shanghai has been appraised as the city that is most suitable for foreigners to live in.

At present, the number of foreigners living and working in Shanghai is far ahead of that in other cities of China. According to statistics, in 2002 lived in Shanghai about 100 thousand foreigners and 250 thousand Taiwanese, among which some 34,735 foreigners, coming from 126 countries, were employed.

There are 3 main reasons for so many foreigners choose to live in Shanghai: first, the relatively lower house price; second, convenient and leisure life; and third, they are optimistic about the future development of Shanghai.

Shanghai Social Resources--Shanghai Entertainments and Travel
As a historic city, by the end of 2001, there had been 16 state key protective relics, 110 city key protection relics, 21 historic memorial spots and 15 protective spots in Shanghai. Among the relics and spots, stand as the most famous the 1000 year old Longhua Ancient Temple, the Three Kingdoms period built in Jing’an Ancient Temple, the world known Jade Buddha Temple, the famous eastern China’s Garden Yuyuan, as well as Jiading Confucian Temple, Songjiang Square Pagoda and Songjiang Zuibai Pond, retaining the historic relics and preserving the typical Chinese garden elites that originated in the Dynasties of Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing.

Since the beginning of 1990s, many wellknown functional buildings have been erected continuously, adding a fascinating modern city’s scenery to Shanghai, as well as becoming the new sightseeing spots in Shanghai. The buildings include the People’s Square, called the city green lung, the Oriental Pearl Broadcasting & Television Tower that has made 10 world records, the Jinmao Mansion, the highest building in China, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai Grand Theater and the Shanghai City Plan Exhibition Hall.

The residents of Shanghai enjoy rich entertainments, with operas and concerts visiting Shanghai constantly in a year and fireworks making up the city very well on holidays. In addition, there are over 20 golf courses and several hundreds gyms in Shanghai and around areas. What’s more, Hengshan Road and Xin taindi, which are famous for their bars, often attract foreigners.

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