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Shenzhen Group Visa Application Service
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Shenzhen Tannet is located in the special economic zone, assisting China expats in Shenzhen business startup and follow-up and other business related services.

Group Visa in Shenzhen

1.Groups of 5 persons or more planning to travel together may apply for a group visa. A group visa affixed to the "list of Tourist Group" is issued for the convenience of the tourists and organizers in passing the Chinese border check-points.

2.The group organizer is required to fill in the "list of Tourist Group" in triplicate. Names, dates of birth, passport numbers etc. should be printed clearly and accurately. The serial number assigned to each member of the group in the list should also be marked on the cover of each passport.

3. The group organizer is required to provide all the passports of the members or photocopies of the main pages of their passports, visa fees and the confirmation fax from the authorized Chinese travel agencies and send them to the visa offices of the Chinese Embassy or the Chinese Consulates-General.

4.All members of the group are required to enter and exit China at the same time and via the same port, Should there be any member who will not enter or exit China at the same time, he must apply for an individual visa.

5. Visa processing takes 4 working days.

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