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Shanghai is a remarkable international financial metropolis. It’s highly developed financial, trade, tourism, shipping, information, real estate and other fields gradually catch up with the world level. Further improve the legal system in line with international practices and market rules, starting to create a good investment environment in Shanghai. Racing to the beach, leap onto the big arena; you will have access to more extensive development.

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Name of Shanghai local company
Name of local company includes 4 parts. The format of names: Shanghai+ word size+ industry +limited company.

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Registered capital of Shanghai Company
Registered capital is no requirment. the time when you can paid up the money all depend on shareholder.

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Shareholder of  shanghai company
One or a more than 18 years old and not older than 50 years old Chinese natural or legal persons.

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Industries needed to apply for pre-approval
Apply for the following trades and industries, need to go to the relevant departments for special permit, also known as pre Approval. 

E.g.: Gas stations, slaughter, education, religious groups, the auction industry, the pawn, car parking, lawyers, accounting services, agency billing, human resources intermediary, employment, study abroad institutions, investment immigration agencies, construction, decoration, engineering, road freight transport, publication printing, cosmetics, food production and operation, travel agencies, medical institutions, medicine and equipment, insurance, banking and so on.

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Business scope of the shanghai company
Shanghai Company’s business scope is limited; business license must exactly refer the scope of business; more registered capital, winder business scope. In order to align to the WTO, Chinese government is gradually relaxed the business scope, as long as the laws and regulations can be allowed to operate. If related to specific industries, you must firstly conduct a pre-approval.

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Material needed of the shanghai company
1.The enterprise applications for the name pre-approval signed by all shareholders;
2.Legal person qualification certificates of the shareholders or identity certificates of natural person;
3.All shareholders appointed representative or jointly entrusted agent of representatives or the agent and the identification and certification of them;
4.Articles of Association;
5.Legal representative of the company sign the application for registration ;
6.Supervisors or manager's name and address documents and relevant appointed and elected or employed documents;
7.Legal representative appointment documents, identity certificate and two photos(black&white or colored);
8. Business Location(The property should provide leasing contact).

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Procedure of the shanghai company
1、Fill the application form;
2、pay the advance payment;
3.、Check the company name with local ICAB;
4、Set up temporary bank account;
5、transfer the capital;
6、Apply for the Business License from ICAB;
7、Apply for chops from the Public Security Bureau
8.Apply for the Organization Code License from Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision;
9、Apply for the Taxation Registration Licenses from National & Local Tax Bureau;
10、Open the basic account in the bank;
11、pay the remaining payment.

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Services content of the shanghai company
Original and duplicate of Business License // Official seal, the Financial seal, Legal Representative seal // original and duplicate of Organization Code License IC Card// original and duplicate of Taxation License

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Time needed of the shanghai company
All the documents are already, service time: 15-30 working days .

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Import and Export right of the shanghai company
In Shanghai, the Import and Export right is to go through the approval of Shanghai Foreign Economy and Trade. The registered capital is must be 1million RMB for applying for Import and Export right, and all of the registered capital must be paid. We can do it for you..

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Annual auditing of the shanghai company
From the second year of company registration, every year March 1 to June 30 must apply for industrial and commercial annual inspection.the company registered before the 1st July must do the auditing before the annual, the company registered after the 1st July can do the auditing directly. We can do it for you.

Invested Companies in Shanghai--Tax policy in Shanghai
From 1st, Jan, 2008, Income tax is 25%, and the enterprise that registered in Pudong new district and has been recognized in high technology enterprise that will enjoy two free and three decreases. One year and second year you need not pay the income tax, from the third year to the five year you can pay the half of income tax.

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