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Advantages of Investing in Shenzhen Free Trade Zones

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Shenzhen Free Trade Zone (Shenzhen FTZ) consists of three state-level development zones: Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone (Shenzhen Futian FTZ), Shenzhen Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone (Shenzhen Shatoujiao FTZ) and Shenzhen Yantian Port Free Trade Zone (Shenzhen Yantian Port BLP).

Advantages of Corporation registration in Shenzhen Free Trade Zones
Allowing overseas and domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)enterprises and other economic organizations or overseas individuals to invest and establish trading, warehousing, export processing and exhibition enterprises within the free trade zones, as well as other enterprises and organizations approved for incorporation

Advantages of Customs administration in Shenzhen Free Trade Zones
1. Bonded system is adopted in free trade zones. The goods transported into the free trade zone from abroad, or vice versa, shall be exempted from the import duties, and import and export licenses. The goods transported into domesticnon-free trade zone from the free trade zone are regarded as imported goods; and vice versa, exported goods.
2. EDI systems are applied in free trade zones with computer network linking between customs and enterprises.

Advantages of Foreign exchange administration in Shenzhen Free Trade Zones
1. Free settlement of exchanges is carried out for companies' foreign exchange income. Foreign exchange can be either deposited in the financial institutions in the zone, or be sold to the appointed foreign exchange banks in the zone.
2. Both Chinese-funded and foreign-funded enterprises in the zone can open their foreign accounts in accordance wih regulations.
3. No need to handle the verification and cancellation procedure which is requested by the Foreign Exchange Administration of China for exchange collection of export and payment of import.
4. Chinese-funded and foreign-funded enterprises share a unified exchange administration over their current accounts.

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