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Three Stages of Nanchang Company Accounting Service

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Nanchang company accounting service starts when company shall go on with its accounting part after registration and get the bank account opening license. Nanchang accounting service is dealing with financial and taxation issues including three stages: earlier stage, middle stage and later stage.


Nanchang Company Accounting Service Earlier stage: Taxation Application: 
--Tax type setting and verification;
--Tax agent training, declaration system purchasing, three parties tax deduction agreement;
--Legal representative meet with tax officer;
--General tax payer qualification application and verification;
--Tax control system purchasing, training;
--Invoices purchasing.
Nanchang Company Accounting Service Middle stage: Accounting Declaration:
--Financial soft ware configuration, accounting book setting;
--Statements drafting and declaration (General ledger, detail account, balance, profit and loss);
--Tax declaration (Circulation tax, personal tax, company income tax, statement and attached 
--Translation and sending of statements;
--VAT invoice deduction and verification;
--Employees’ social security, insurance and wage declaration;
--Bank reconciliation and foreign exchange settlement;
--Binding and recording of accounting documents.
Nanchang Company Accounting Service Later stage: Financial Trusteeship: 
--Application of tax rebates;
--Invoice purchasing and management;
--Invoice issuing and delivery;
--Import& Export products invoice data collection;
--Auditing and asset evaluation;
--Annual settlement of Financial Bureau;
--Tax type increasing and changing;
--Application of tax exemption.
--Non-trade Certificate registration.

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