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Nanchang Company Due Diligence Report

Nanchang company due diligence report (DD Report), is a widely used legal document in legal practice. Especially in international investment activities, Nanchang company due diligence report can help the investor to make the right decision for its investment strategies. 

Nanchang Company Due Diligence Report-Definition of Nanchang Company Due Diligence Report
What is a Nanchang company due diligence report? We can define the legal document as the key and basic information about a target company’s finance and management. The information can show the risks or the benefits for the investments. Before taking any actions, a rational investor, of course including all the experienced ones, generally will retain a law firm or an accounting firm to do the report. 

Nanchang Company Due Diligence Report-Nanchang Company Investment Model
An international investor wishes to put some capital money into a domestic company, we call it a target company, and after the target company earns enough profits, for instance, the company can make an IPO in China securities market, then the investor may withdraw it investment, plus the premium interests or profits from the company, by transferring the shares it has in the target company. It should be noted that in this process, the investor shall deal with the shareholders of the target company. At current China financial market, probably all the shareholders wish to go to the public market to attract more investment, so dealing with these shareholders is not a major problem. The major problem is how to avoid the legal and the financial risks in the investment. What if the investment has some legal obstacles that prohibit it from withdrawal? This is the key issue and the most important concern in the due diligence report.

Nanchang Company Due Diligence Report-Popular Drafting Model for Nanchang Company Due Diligence Report
In the Nanchang company due diligence report, IRAC structure is the most used writing process for each and every legal document. It is efficient, and very easily to be grasped.   
R-----rules and cases, background 

Nanchang Company Due Diligence Report-Steps to Do Nanchang Company Due Diligence Report
Generally, if we wish to have a complete Nanchang company due diligence report, the following four steps have to be followed. And a moderate Nanchang company due diligence report usually will take us two to three weeks to finish.  

Step One: Collect All the Information from the Target Company   
At this step, we shall produce a Documentation Request List and ask the relevant legal documents from the company. 

Step Two: Review the Documents and Produce a Question List   
At this stage, we shall carefully read word by word, number by number, date by date, figure by figure, every of the delivered documents from the company, and ask questions in detail about the legality and clearness for them.    

Kindly remind the company to deliver the missing documents in a reasonable time. This process is very time-consuming. We shall keep alert on every suspicious point in the documents.  

Step Three: Onsite Interview with the Officers of the Company   
If the documents are complete and very sound, I mean, they can answer every question or solve the legal issues for the investment, this step can be deleted, or can be conducted through a telephone call. Although this doing can save much time, it is recommended to do such an onsite interview. Not only may we promote or just establish better connections with the company as a future potential client for other deals, but we can personally see the whole process of the production or the management of the company. And we can get a rough impression on the fixed or other assets listed on the delivered documents.   

Step Four:  Draft and Produce the Due Diligence Report   
Usually the first three steps will take us about one or one and a half week to finish, for a complex project, it may cost a month, or months. After we have finished the preparation process----the first three steps together----we can begin to draft and produce the report.

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