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Guangzhou Representative Office Registration (RO)

Guangzhou Representative Office registration (RO) is established by foreign companies to engage in business liaisons, quality control, product promotion, market research, exchange of technology and other permitted activities in China.

The Concept of Guangzhou Representative Office Registration
A Guangzhou representative office (RO) is an institute setup in Guangzhou, representing its parent company for liaison with Chinese counterparts. A RO is not considered to be a separate legal entity. It cannot directly engage in business operation. However, through which its parent company can enter into contracts with its supplier/customers in China in its own name, but not under the name of RO. A representative office is popular for those who are willing to enter China at the test period of business and investment.

Advantages of Setting up a Guangzhou Representative Office (RO)
Conducting quality inspection on goods and provide promotional materials to potential clients or trading partners
Handling market research, sourcing, project investigation and publicity activities for its parent company, who in turn to execute trading function.
Opening bank accounts and employ staff to maintain liaison with customers and suppliers.
Acting as a coordinator for activities of parent company in China
Disseminating information about new products and services of parent company

Name of Guangzhou Representative Office
The Guangzhou government has a name format for anyone who wants to setup a RO in Guangzhou, the format is: country (area) + parent company name + Guangzhou Representative Office

Documents needed for registering Guangzhou Representative Office
Copy of the business license or certificate of incorporation of parent company;
The original and copy one of identification documents (ID card, passport) of representatives, and five color photos;
Two original bank reference letters (from investor's bank) indicating foreign investors' credibility, issued within 6 months in both English and   Chinese version;
Lawyer's legalization or notarization endorsed by local China Embassy or Consulate
The lease of commercial office. The lessee should be acted by chief representative, or parent company. The lease should be endorsed by local Housing Management Authority.

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