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Foreigners in Guangzhou-Guangzhou Investment Guide
As a regional financial center, the workings of Guangzhou's financial system are being improved. Financial networks are developing quickly. Many domestic and foreign financial institutions take Guangzhou as their first choices among places for business expansion. Banks, rural cooperative financial institutions, securities companies and other financial institutions are developing rapidly. Foreign financial institutions have set up more than 60 branches in Guangzhou. More than 2,800 various financial outlets are distributed in the city. Financial businesses have a wide coverage, showing the important position of Guangzhou in the domestic financial structure of China. Guangzhou is both a regional financial hub and a regional financial management and control center.

Investment ways for Foreigners in Guangzhou
ATA Guangzhou provides business services with business set-up in form of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), Representative Office (RO) or Joint Venture (JV); business operation in form of market study, website design; business management in form of human resource,tax layout, CI design; business follow-up in forms of annual return, monthly tax return, book-keeping & auditing, work permit and entry visa, etc. We provide perfect service to the customers in Beijing and other areas.

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