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Quanzhou Tax Filing

Quanzhou Tax Filing Service
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Quanzhou Tax Filing is the reports filed with the department of Quanhou Revenue Department containing information used to calculate the taxes and declare liability for taxation. Tax returns are generally prepared using forms prescribed by the tax authority. Below refers to some common questions that are frequently asked:
Quanzhou Tax Filing - Conditions of Quanzhou Tax Filing
•    You must file a federal income tax return if you own business transaction.
•   The amount you owe varies depending on your filing status, age, the kind of income you have, and other factors.
•    Answer some easy questions to see if you need to file.
Quanzhou Tax Filing - Preparation of Quanzhou Tax Filing
•    Find a professional preparer.
•    If you have employees, file employment taxes.
Quanzhou Tax Filing - Extension of Quanzhou Tax Filing
•    Think your taxes won't be finished on time? File for an extension of time to file.
•    Find out what can happen if you file late.
•    Alternative payment plans are available.
According to the Chinese law, the taxpayer must file its Tax return within the prescribed time, no matter whether it has business turnover. Tax return is a record of your taxable income, calculated over the financial year, and the tax payable on that amount.


Quanzhou Tax Filing - Tax Return for Foreign-invested Enterprise 
Shenzhen adopts a low-tax policy for foreign-invested enterprise, and a preferential tax policy for the areas or those projects listed in the state-encouraged industrial catalogue for foreign investment. The date of tax return filling for foreign-invested enterprise is 1April to 30May. Since April 2011, all companies, clubs, societies, associations and other unincorporated bodies should file their company tax returns online.

Quanzhou Tax Filing - Tax Types for Foreign-invested Enterprise
In Shenzhen, taxes applied for foreign-invested enterprises and overseas individuals (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwanese compatriots) include: corporate income tax, personal income tax, operation linkage taxes (including value-added tax, consumption tax and business tax), tariff`, land value-added tax, resource tax, urban real estate tax, etc.

Quanzhou Tax Filing - Tannet's Service for Quanzhou Tax Filing
Tannet is an excellent corporation outsourcing service provider, we are equipped with a group of experienced workers and thousands of clients over the 14 years. We provide taxation consultancy to local and overseas clients, individuals and corporate, including tax planning, tax return filing, objections and appeals. And our partners are specialized in handling tax investigation and field audit cases.

Quanzhou Tax Filing - Tannet’s Services
1. Personal tax planning in Malaysia and submission of personal & business income tax
2. Malaysia Enterprises tax planning, preparation and submission of company tax returns
3. Multilateral trade tax planning
4. Accounting, auditing and tax preparation
5. Minimization of tax liabilities

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