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Shanghai investment guide introduces the investment environment, new policy for foreign  investment and harbor trade of Shanghai. Shanghai industry pays great attention to science development, carries out strategy of rejuvenate nation by science and education, strict on new-industry road, strengthening creation, upgrading facilities and infrastructures and finished each index of ' ten five-year plan, and made great success.

Shanghai Investment Guide-Investment Environment
Shanghai has great investment environment, which is seen by many businessmen and enterprises as follows: ever-increasing efficiency of government; construction of social honest; sound social security system; international cooperation is increasing; more perfect legal system; developed information-based level; large group of talent in different fields; special language advantage; balanced industry mix; complete adequate and systematic service, etc. additionally, in terms of productive efficiency and market share, lots of advantages are equipped with Shanghai.

Shanghai Investment Guide-Water Traffic
Yangtze River in Shanghai connects with parts in Jiangsu province, another parts connect with mouth of river, including deep sea-route, south route, Baoshan sea-route, and Nangang route. It is totally 65 sea miles, major route for shipping and Yangtze River, which is famous compact district for water traffic.

Shanghai Investment Guide-Harbor Trade
In 1997, China government launched large quantity of money into renovating of sea-route。 Presently, the second project has been on the track. In 2002, Yangshan harbor has been started to build and has been core infrastructure of Shanghai international Shipping Center, which build up a more complete, efficient system. After operation for 10 years, throughput of Shanghai is ever increasing, the throughput of container has been increase to No.3 from No.10. Shanghai international shipping center, placed Yangtze River as center, direct transportation as feature, has been shaped initially.

Shanghai Investment Guide-New Policy for Foreign Investment
To encourage FDI in China and establishing headquarter of multinational company in China, four policies has been issued as follows: on the one hand, expanding fund management function of local headquarter; on the other hand, perfecting management of staff to quit and enter; thirdly, local headquarter appointed with research function by government, can enjoy relevant preferential policy of high technology; finally, exporting rights should be equipped to local headquarter.

Shanghai Investment Guide-Investing in Foreign Market
In 2005, oversea investment of Shanghai has been up to 49, and amount has been reached to 7000million, which is twice as much as that last year and make highest recording in history. During 49 projects, 25 private enterprise investments have been carried out and account for half business. Shanghai foreign investment has been carried out in 21 oversea countries, including USA, UK, HONGKONG, and Republic of Uzbekistan, Chile, Brazil and some emerging markets.

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