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Differing concepts of Guangzhou due diligence
In the US, the key factor that separates due diligence from a more in-depth background check is that due diligence reports are always gathered from publicly available information. A due diligence assignment generally includes reviewing press and SEC filings, checking for regulatory and licensing problems, identifying liens and judgments, and uncovering civil and criminal litigation matters. Sophisticated investigators will also search for conflicts of interest, insider trading and press and public records that identify problems that may have occurred under the principal's "watch." Public records often include sensitive data on a target, such as their date of birth and social security number, which can be gathered from credit card records. Unlike a background check, more intrusive methods of surveillance are not used.

By contrast, due diligence in the UK can and frequently does mean an examination of the target's private records, such as the internal audit reports of a company and important contracts. This clearly requires the consent of the company that is the subject of the due diligence, as would be the case for a recommended takeover offer, a private acquisition or a bank loan. Because the investigators have access to sensitive information, the due diligence process is covered by confidentiality undertakings.

Guangzhou due diligence is also frequently conducted into the probity of sales agents, consultants and distributors, or companies for merger, acquisition or joint venture, to ensure that potential business partners do not carry any liability of bribery and corruption.

In lay terms, due diligence is the responsibility one has to investigate and identify issues, and due care is doing something about the findings from due diligence.

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