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Shenyang agricultural product export shares a large propotion in Shenyang revenue.

Shenyang Agricultural Products Export - 12 Policies and Measures 
Shenyang municipal government announced that on the basis of 30 policies released by the city to support development of enterprises and promote economic growth, to battle the financial crisis and expand the export of agricultural products, 12 policies and measures were prepared and released.    

Shenyang Agricultural Products Export - Reward Criteria
The new measures prescribed that the export enterprises that are registered in Shenyang, have corporate legal person qualification, use the land-produced agricultural products as raw materials and whose annual settlement of foreign exchange of agricultural products in Shenyang amounts to above USD500,000 will be awarded RMB0.15 every one dollar more than the previous year based on the annual settlement of foreign change

The newly 0-introduced agricultural products export enterprises that are registered in Shenyang will be granted 2% award based on that year's settlement of foreign exchange for agricultural products export; priority of guarantee will be given to agricultural products loan of agricultural products export enterprises; and a certain proportion of subsidies will be given to the agricultural products export enterprises that need loans from banks for expansion of agricultural products export, on the basis of the annual increase amount of settlement of foreign exchange and actual interests.

Shenyang Agricultural Products Export - Function of 12 Policies and Measures 
Based on the introduction of Zhang Junhua, deputy director of Shenyang Agriculture Commission, the new policies and measures support agricultural products export enterprises and bases by strengthening service in such links as mainly encouraging export expansion of agricultural products export enterprises, supporting the construction of agricultural products export bases, as well as export business training and inspection and quarantine.

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