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Shenyang Minor Enterprises is a large group which poses an important impact on economic development of Shenyang.

Shenyang Minor Enterprises - Informationization of Minor Enterprises
The departments including Liaoning Province Medium and Small-sized Enterprises Department also jointly released the comprehensive service project of information facing the medium and small-sized enterprises to inform the information badly needed by the minor enterprises such as policy review, financial express and professional information, which is only part of Liaoning just launching the “advancement of the informationization of growing-up minor enterprises” at the beginning of this year.

Deputy director of the provincial medium and small-sized enterprises department Chen Tiecheng stated that the province will focus on the growing-up minor enterprises to raise the provincial minor enterprises informationization application level by setting up the sample enterprises of informationization application and help such enterprises grow up rapidly with informationization.          

Shenyang Minor Enterprises - 10 Guarantee Institutes for Minor Enterprises
It was known from the relevant departments of Shenyang municipal government that to efficiently cope with the financial crisis, and tackle the difficulties of the universally tight capital of enterprises and capital financing of minor enterprises, Shenyang municipal government adopts the fiscal guidance support and builds the platform of capital financing for non-public ownership enterprises. At present, about 10 guarantee institutes in the city have carried out the guarantee business for minor enterprises, with the guarantee amount as much as more than RMB 600 million.

It was reported that Shenyang branch of Guangdong Development Bank, the first one in Shenyang to provide all-round services for minor enterprises, has cooperated with minor enterprises of Shenyang since September 2008 and successively held more than 10 matchmaking meetings for capital financing of minor enterprises in various districts of the city, with the 372 minor enterprises matched, of which 46 enterprises have been financed RMB 452 million, thus effectively solving the difficulty of capital financing of non-public ownership enterprises.

Shenyang Minor Enterprises - Special Fund for Industrial Development
To support the development of non-public ownership economy and other industries, Shenyang municipal government has established a RMB 2 billion special fund for industrial development, combined banks and other guarantee institutes to launch the "plan of financing RMB 10 billion for minor enterprises" and set up "Counseling center of capital financing of minor enterprises" to proactively innovate the planning of capital financing of minor enterprises.

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