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Shenyang Taxation and Tax Return

Shenyang Taxation and Tax Return are vital for enterprises in Shenyang. Company taxpayer ought to file the Tax Return within the prescribed time, no matter whether it has business turnover or not.

Shenyang Taxation and Tax Return - Shenyang Tax Return
Tax return is required in most systems. Some systems require that taxpayers self assess tax on the tax return. Other systems provide that the government must make an assessment for tax to be due. Some systems require certification of tax returns in some manner by accountants licensed to practice in the jurisdiction, often the company's auditors. Tax return due dates vary by jurisdiction, fiscal or tax year, and type of entity. In self-assessment systems, payment of taxes is generally due no later than the normal due date, though advance tax payments may be required.          

Shenyang Taxation and Tax Return - Shenyang Taxation
The 2008 Enterprise Income Tax (EIT) Law applies to both domestic and foreign-invested enterprises, generally at the same rate, with special rates applying in certain cases. In addition to the enterprise income tax, Shenyang levies a number of turnover taxes, such as value added tax (VAT), business tax (BT), consumption tax and customs duties. There also is a resource tax, land appreciation tax (LAT), social security contributions, stamp duty, etc. Shenyang does not levy a branch profits tax, excess profits tax or alternative minimum tax. Shenyang has transfer pricing, thin capitalization and controlled foreign company rules, as well as a general anti-avoidance rule.

Shenyang Taxation and Tax Return - Notes On Shenyang Tax Return
Shenyang's tax year is the same as the calendar year and returns must be submitted by 31 March of the following year, to the local tax authority of an employee's place of employment. Fines for not filing a tax return on time can be high.Tax returns forms shall be filed completely and well documented within the statutory deadline. Not only will you avoid penalties for not applying the correct tax treatment on a wide variety of expenses and avoid unnecessary scrutiny but you’ll also ensure that you make the most of all available tax incentives.

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