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Information about Guangzhou business startup
Startup Guangzhou is a community for people interested in startups. But what do we mean by startup? In Guangzhou, new businesses, especially smaller ones, are started every day from the man riding around town with a sugar cane juice maker on his bicycle, to the latest financial services provider setting up an office in the IFC West Tower. All these ventures can be called startups, but it’s not necessarily what we mean.
At Startup in Guangzhou we have a narrower focus. The startups we refer to are focusing on technological innovations and initiatives related to the Internet, mobile platforms or software technologies in general.

The kinds of Guangzhou business startup
Usually,there are some kinds of business startup in Guangzhou。But normally,when it comes to Guangzhou business startup,we would like to talk about technology startup. Why are technology startups so interesting? Startups are mainly interesting because you can create a huge global impact with just a great idea, a small group of hardworking and passionate people, and a limited budget. With a lot of technology available free of charge or at a low fee, and social networks to connect and share stories, the infrastructure is ready for startups to flourish.

For a corner shop you need to begin by leasing retail space, buying inventory, and hiring staff. This requires a relatively large investment compared to what you may be able to earn from selling items to customers. When building a business on the Internet, large return can be generated from a relatively low investment. Rather than leasing an entire store, you only need an office with a few desks, or you can even start at home. Rather than purchasing goods that are then sold at a higher price,the value comes from the creativity and innovations of the people involved. If a small team can create and execute their idea – a new way to enable commerce, a new method of communication, a new process that can save time or money – this small investment can turn into a big company, with many employees and large profits. This is what we mean when we say Startup, and we believe the tech startup landscape is extremely exciting in today’s market.

Why Guangzhou business startup is so popular
Why Guangzhou business startup is so popular. There are some rezones for this question. Guangzhou is the center of Guangdong’s Pearl River Delta, one of the largest manufacturing centers in the world. Factories here have been building products for global brands for the last 30 years, and lately we’ve seen more ambition to create more value added products under local brands. We believe that a combination of the wide and varied manufacturing base, along with software engineering talent, and Guangzhou’s innate entrepreneurial spirit will lead to new disruptive ideas from this region. We believe that Guangzhou has the potential and ingredients to become an important tech startup community next to Beijing and Shanghai.

Guangzhou business startup is creating communities and events for like minded people to get together, get inspired and exchange ideas that will lead to better and more tech startups in the region.

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