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Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) Registration in Quanzhou

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Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) Registration in Quanzhou is also called Quanzhou FIE formation, Quanzhou FIE setup, Quanzhou FIE incorporation. Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) is a common method of creating a business operation in not only in Asia but also in Africa and South America. Shanghai, as an economy boosting county, greatly welcomes all kinds of legal foreign investment. Thus any one of a number of legal entities can be considered as FIEs including equity joint ventures (EJV), cooperative joint ventures (CJV), wholly-owned foreign enterprises (WFOE) and foreign-invested companies limited by shares (FCLS).

Normally a Quanzhou foreign investment enterprise is set up for a specialized purpose with a specific business scope.  Apart from the traditional production FIEs, foreign investors may now also set up trading FIEs, service FIEs, wholesale and retail FIEs, etc. If your group has already established a number of FIEs and is poised to make further investments in Quanzhou, you may consider establishing a Quanzhou holding company to centralize management, provide shared services, consolidate the distribution of goods produced by your FIEs in Quanzhou and pre-market certain imported products.  Upon having paid up its registered capital according to the approved schedule, your FIE company may also expands its geographical coverage by setting up branches.

Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) Registration in Quanzhou-Registered Capital
Generally speaking, establishing FIE in Quanzhou successfully requires no less than RMB 500, 000 registered capitals (which should be in line with the scale of operation). FIE has many forms because it can be divided into 4 parts. Thus it is better for foreign investors to know the detailed capital distinction for these four parts.

Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) Registration in Quanzhou-axes Expense Involved in the Operation
1. Value Added Tax
General Value Added Tax Payers pay VAT at 17%
Small-scale Value Added Tax Payers pay VAT at 3%
2. Corporate Income Tax
Income tax rate is 25%. Small scale and small profit companies are subject to corporate tax rate of 20%. Each district, region, city, and province in Quanzhou has detailed taxes policies.

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