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Xiamen Working Visa Application

Xiamen Working Visa Service
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Xiamen working visa is in fact a residence permit of work category, which includes such three key elements as a work visa, alien employment permit and alien residence permit. The visa shall enable him/her to enter into the Chinese territory as a person identified to work in China; the employment permit evidences his/her legal employment in China and the residence permit evidences his/her legal residence in China. The residence permit may as well act as a multiple-entry visa. The citizens of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who work in the mainland China only need to apply for their employment permits.

Application Conditions
The people from outside the Xiamen territory (including the foreigners and the citizens of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) who come to work in China must meet the basic conditions listed below:
Be 18 years of age minimum
Be physically healthy (as evidenced by his/her check-up certificate)
Have the expertise and working experience as required of the post he/she is to take
Have no criminal record
Have a definite employer
Hold a valid passport or any other international travel certificate

Legal Employment
A foreigner, who wants to work within the Xiamen territory, should obtain both a work permit and residence permit of work category as per the applicable regulations. Neither entity nor individual person in Xiamen is permitted to employ any foreigner who has not obtained his/her work permit and residence permit of work category.

A foreigner shall be deemed to be involved in illegal employment if he/she
Has worked within the Chinese territory without having obtained his/her work permit and residence permit of work category as per the applicable regulations;

Has worked outside the scope as set forth in his/her work permit within the Chinese territory;

A foreigner, who has been engaged in any activity inconsistent with his/her reason of stay or residence, or has proved to be inappropriate to continue to stay or reside within the Chinese territory due to any violation of the Chinese laws and regulations, may be ordered to leave China within a specified time frame. If a foreign has violated the said law with severe consequences, which, however are not yet serious enough to constitute a crime, may incur deportation imposed by the Ministry of Public Security. The foreigner shall not be permitted to enter China for ten years starting from the date of deportation.

Time Needed
About one 1 month

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