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How to Open Hong Kong Investment Accounts in Chengdu

Opening a Hong Kong investment account in Chengdu is more convenient to you, if you have no enough time to open it in Hong Kong. Tannet can provide the service to help you choose a bank, make an appointment with bank for you, and give some information about bank accounts.

As we know, Hong Kong's history as a British colony has helped to keep it open to foreign investors. There are many financial services companies experienced in working with foreigners in Hong Kong that will help you open and run your investment account remotely.

Choose a bank in Chengdu

Look into opportunities with international banks to open an account in Hong Kong. Banks like HSBC, Citigroup and DBS Bank offer Hong Kong investment accounts that are accessible online. It is legal for foreigners to open investment accounts in Hong Kong so long as you meet all the other requirements.

Know the requirements of Bank

Learn more about investing in Hong Kong. There are no capital gains, withholding, sales, value added (VAT) or net-worth taxes in Hong Kong. Investment income is not taxed at all.

Ensure the online and English service

Ensure that you can access your investment account online and that you can get customer service from an English speaker at any time. There are many businesses in Hong Kong that cater specifically to international investors.

Investigate the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Many companies from mainland China that are otherwise inaccessible to foreign investors are available for purchase by anyone on the HKEX. You can use the HKEX to invest in China without going through the associated legal hassles of doing it through the mainland.

Comply with tax laws in your country

It is illegal to evade taxes by any method, and could result in you losing far more in the long run than attempting to do so will save you.

Contract us

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