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Offshore Banking in Chengdu

Chengdu Offshore Banking Overview
China is in the midst of great economic and regulatory reform, including the banking sector. Clients interested in Chengdu offshore banking and wishing to open a Chengdu corporate bank account should note that the banking system is still developing.

A Chengdu corporate bank account is very suitable for companies conducting business within Chengdu, including those industries such as consumer and retail, financial institutions, health care, infrastructure and real estate and resources and energy. However, opening a Chengdu corporate bank account is a lengthy process.

Until recently, foreign banks were not permitted to operate branches in Chengdu. As a result, the concept of a Chengdu corporate bank account which serves the needs of global businesses is a new one.

However, in this newly developing banking environment, Chengdu offshore banking is nevertheless an attractive option for businesses looking for local banking support and knowledge in this rapidly expanding market. The development of the banking environment is rapid with many leading banks such as HSBC, Standard Chartered and Citibank.
Chengdu Corporate Banking Services
Some of the trade-related services offered via a Chengdu corporate bank account include:
• Documentary credit
• Import loans
• Shipping guarantees
• Export finance
Our Services
We help our clients pay the initial bank deposit to the Chinese bank on our client’s behalf. A scanned copy of the bank deposit slip is emailed to our client as verification of the payment.
Required Documents

To assist our clients open a Chengdu corporate bank account without them visiting Chengdu, we require certain due diligence information including notarized copies of passports and driving licenses of all directors, and the company’s corporate documents, which include:
• Certificate of Incorporation
• Memorandum and Articles and Directors/Trustees resolutions
This documentation must be certified by the local branch of the Chinese or international bank (or by a notary public) in the client’s home country, as well as and evidence of the company’s field of business (e g sample invoices or purchase orders etc).

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