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Beijing Bookkeeping Services

Beijing Bookkeeping Services Hotline: 86-755-82143512, 

Beijing Bookkeeping Services is the procedure of recording financial transactions, or put differently, a record is made every time money changes hands.

Our Beijing Bookkeeping aim at help enterprises in China to establish a scientific and clear system of financial management. And the bookkeeping service provided by us covers the major cities in China such as Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Yiwu, Chengdu, etc.

Beijing Bookkeeping Services -Services Provided
After the establishment of corporation, we will arrange professional accountants for all the issues such as accounting establishment, accountant settlement and tax declaration, etc.

1.Setting up of company’s accounts: general ledgers, accounting software setup;
2. Transaction recording, updating company financial books;
3. Monthly bank statement reconciliation;
4. Prepare company financial reports;
5.Organizing accounting documents according to the regulations of the PRC taxation systems;
6.Purchasing of accounting books, accounting ledger binding and maintenance.

All of our workers are well-trained and are familiar with accounting policy in China, which will bring great convenience for the enterprises. Shanghai bookkeeping services we provide strive to improve people’s businesses and, in turn, make their lives more enjoyable. 

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