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China Accounting Service

China accounting service is one of Tannet's business services. Accounting systems, tax regulations and rules vary considerably in different countries, and it is no different for China. Proper planning is therefore critical for business ventures in China to succeed. Tannet can assist companies of all sizes with their accounting needs. Tannet’s accountants have a deep understanding of the complexities of the financial system in China and keep your company’s accounting practices in compliance with rapidly evolving accounting systems, letting you concentrate on your company’s business strategies.

Tannet can assist with China accounting services, including:
1.Accounting, financial reporting and consolidation
2.The preparation of management and statutory accounts
3.Arranging audits
4.VAT advice, registration and related services
5.Financial modeling and forecasting
6.Preparation of business plans
7.Preparation and filling of tax returns
8.Tax computation and submission
9.Debt analysis and recovery services

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